Welcome to Wilde Mae Studio!

Welcome to Wilde Mae Studio!

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We're so happy to announce that our new creative studio site is live! Wilde Mae Studio is a typography studio focused on handcrafting quality fonts & creative resources for creatives, dreamers, + magic makers.

We're so grateful to have the opportunity to spend our days creating. We believe in community over competition and are committed to promoting, inspiring, & contributing to the creative community.

In celebration of the launch, for a limited time you can receive 20% off with code “twenty”.

You'll also notice that we have a new logo! We wanted to find a way to incorporate our love for the coast, so our goal was to encapsulate the free-spirited movement of the ocean waves within the letter forms.

Our site is a work in progress (whose isn’t, right?), but our plan for WMS is to grow a library of inspiring resources, from fonts, to illustrations, brushes, watercolor, textures, and beyond. We are also working on a creative directory on-site, which will include our most favorite designers (such as brand designers, web developers, and copywriters), and we'll be featuring all things creative here on the blog!

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